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5th Grade Mountain Discovery

5th Grade Mountain Discovery

The 5th Grade Mountain Discovery Program was started in the Spring of 2000.  Each year during the month of March, 5th graders from public schools all throughout the valley come up and spend the day skiing or snowboarding.  We provide rental gear, a ticket and a group lesson to every 5th grader at no cost.  Our Instructors look forward to this time every year!  

Information for Parents

Please send your child with appropriate clothing for a day in the snow.  Layers are always a good option since conditions are constantly changing on the mountain.  Snow pants, a warm coat, gloves or mittens and one pair of socks are essential.  We recommend a thin, long sock in order for feet to stay the most comfortable in ski or snowboard boots.  Your child is welcome to wear a hat to the mountain, but they will be asked to wear a helmet and usually a hat is uncomfortable underneath and the helmet provides enough warmth.   If they have goggles, feel free to send them along.

If your child has never skied or snowboarded, and is unsure what to choose for 5th grade day, we highly recommend skiing.  In our experience, kids who are new to the sport tend to have a much more enjoyable 1st day skiing rather than snowboarding.  

You can either pack your child a lunch, or they can purchase lunch in the Hampton Lodge.  Hamburgers, Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Chicken Strips are just a few of the items available in the Lodge - plan on sending about $10 if they are going to purchase lunch.  

If your child is an avid skier or snowboarder, we have lessons for all different ability levels.  Students are required to take a lesson, so if they have skills beyond the rope tow, we will definitely put them in an appropriate level lesson.  

Ability Levels

Never Ever Red - First time, has never skied or snowboarded at a ski resort, or someone who would like to start again with the basics.

Red - Beginner, but still on the rope tow.  Has probably skied 1-4 times before, can control speed and stop.

Green - Advanced Beginner, can make wedge turns or wedge stop (skiing) or can slide on both toe side and heel side (snowboarding).  Can ride a chairlift and feels comfortable on the easy green runs.

Blue - Intermediate, confident in making turns and controlling speed, can easily ski or ride Mimi (green) and Castle runs (blues).  Can ride chair 1, 3 and 4.

Black - Advanced, confident making turns on most blue runs and possibly ready to explore ungroomed terrain and black runs.  Can ride all chairlifts at Mission Ridge.

Information for Schools

We recommend arriving at Mission Ridge by 9am, but we understand that sometimes the school schedule does not allow for that.  We will do everything in our power to get the kids out on the snow as quick as possible.  Ideally, the lessons would start at 10am and end at noon.  The tickets and rentals that are issued to the kids are good for the entire day, so they can ski after the lesson is over.  Please be sure to inform the kids when they need to be back on the bus.   

When the bus arrives at the mountain, someone from our staff will board the bus and give a quick little talk about how things are going to happen.  The kids need to have their signed rental form in hand when they get off the bus.  They will go through rentals, and then be split in to their different classes.  Chaperones/Teachers are encouraged to help guide the kids through the process and help out as much as possible.  

Mission Ridge will give 1 complimentary ticket per 10 kids and those tickets will be handed out after the kids are in lessons.  This ticket can be used for a Chaperone, a Teacher, or anyone else the school decides on.  Any adults who would like to rent gear can purchase a rental package for $35 in the rental department after the kids are out for their lessons.  Additional chaperone tickets can be purchased for $40.

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