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Dummy Downhill Results

Posted on March 30th, 2014

Thank you for another successful Dummy Downhill!

We had a total of 53 entries this year, all of which were extremely creative and fun!  Leading the pack with a distance of 51 feet was "Frosty's Demise" from the Alumni category!   "Super Duper Mini Jimmy" won the Adult category with 49 feet.  The Rental Department came in 1st with a 42 foot jump in the Employee Division, and "Platy the Platypus" won the Youth category with a jump of 36 feet!  Winning our new Corporate division was "Tim & Stuart Running Wild" from O3 Water Systems, Inc. with a jump of 29 feet.  

  • Judges Choice went to "Mike" by the Barnett Family
  • Most Creative went to "Dog Tower" by the Walkers
  • Most Likely to Survive went to "Little Miss Piggy" by Steve Eckley
  • and finally - Best Carnage went to "Si's Flying Fella" by Chris Keifenheim!   

Check out the official results below - and start planning for next year! 

We'd like to thank our incredible sponsors - Banner Bank /  Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry / Weinstein Beverage / GO USA / HEAD / Dutch Bros / Red Hook / KOHO / Cascade Subaru / JTS Parts & Accessories / MRST / North40

Dummy Downhill 2014 Results for Web.pdf196.63 KB