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Liberator Express Carrier Auction

Liberator Express Carrier Auction


Have you always wanted a chairlift carrier (chair) in your backyard? This just might be your chance! The next auction for carriers from the old Liberator Express lift will be August 10th through the 12th. Check out the details below to get set up and bring a piece of Mission Ridge home.

Auction Schedule

  • August 10-12 (15 Carriers)
  • August 17-19 (15 Carriers) - Final Auction

Auction Details

  • Carriers are being sold individually and you can only bid on one in each lot.
  • The top 15 bids will be accepted and then all 15 winners will pay the lowest amount bid of that group of 15 bids.
  • By placing a bid you agree that if your bid is accepted as a winning bid that you are contractually obligated to pay for the item.
  • Please register for the auction by setting up an account to bid online in advance of the sale

Register For Sale

To set up your account please follow these steps:

  1. Click here to register
  2. In the upper right corner click on Register
  3. Fill out all of the information needed
  4. Check your email and verify your email address
  5. You are set to bid on August 10th!


If you decide to bid on a carrier during the auction,

  1. You can choose to place either a fixed dollar amount bid or a maximum bid amount.
  2. If you are the lead bidder, you cannot change your bid.
  3. The top twenty bidders during the August 10th-12th auction will win their very own Liberator Express carrier
  4. Upon winning the bid, we will email you payment options (Paypal or Credit Card) and information about picking up your carrier.

15 carriers will be sold in this auction from August 10th-12th. Future carrier auctions will take place in the following weeks. We have approximately 15 carriers remaining to be sold.

*Purchased carriers must be picked up by the purchaser from the Mission Ridge parking lot. Carriers cannot be shipped to winning bidders.

**Specific carrier numbers cannot be purchased or requested upon pick up.


Each carrier is roughly 8' (96") at the widest, 6' (72") at the tallest, and 3' (36") deep or 96" x 72" x 36". 


Each carrier weighs roughly 250 lbs.

For questions about the sale of Liberator Express carriers, please email

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