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Snowmaking tower gun and pile of snow

Snowmaking Is Underway

Posted on November 1st, 2019


The countdown has ended and snowmaking is officially underway!

November 1st is probably my favorite day of the year as the guns are fired up and snowmaking operations start on the mountain. It might seem a little strange but it is so exciting to see a cloud of moisture hanging over the base area as you round the final curve to the parking lot. The roar of the guns, the white piles (called snowmaking whales)  slowly getting bigger, and a general excitement in the air all combine for an exciting start to the season.

Temps early in the week were cold and ideal for snowmaking. Things have warmed up a bit as Halloween turned into the first of November, but the Snowmaking crew has been able to get some decent production near the Base Area.  Temperatures are currently inverted with warmer temps at the top of the mountain and the coldest temps near the Base Area. The forecast calls for overnight temperatures to begin to drop at the beginning of next week so hopefully we will see guns running in the Upper Basin soon!

See you on the mountain soon!



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