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Weather Updates

Weather Updates


Cooler Temps, Snow On the Way

We are sitting on the front edge of a Pacific cold front that should bring some fresh snow over the remainder of this weekend followed by significantly cooler temps into next weekend. Today's forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies with a high in the mid 30's. Expect moderate breezes today (13-18 mph).

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Storm a Brewin' (Updated)

The inversion that stuck around for the last week lifted overnight and a system that could bring fresh snow is on its way in. Today's forecast calls for a 20 percent chance of snow after mid-morning with partly sunny skies, a high in the upper 30's, and light winds (0-10 mph).

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Reopening Friday

The inversion later persists, with the summit at MIssion Ridge perhaps the warmest place in the Wenatchee Valley.

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Another Bluebird on the Way (Updated)

An inversion layer has settled over the area, with warmer temps up here at the mountain than in the Wenatchee Valley below. Today's forecast calls for lots of sun with temps near 40 degrees at the summit, cooler temps at the base area and little to no wind.

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Opening Day!

Opening Day! Cold temps over the past week have allowed our hardworking snowmakers to fill in Mimi and the base area. The Upper Basin received enough of the natural stuff in the preseason to open. While trail access will be limited, the trails that are open are in great shape with some killer corduroy.

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We're Opening Saturday!

It's beautiful up here this morning for a couple reasons... crisp, clear day at the mountain and we're opening this Saturday, Nov. 23!

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Getting Closer...

The mountain received an additional 1-2" since 2 p.m. yesterday. Midway and the Upper Basin continue to look good and with cooler temps in the forecast, things are looking promising in the Base Area.

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Snowing Again

Between what God's giving us, and the hard work of our snowmakers, the hill is quickly being coated white. Another 3-4" has fallen in the last 24 hours with it currently snowing moderately at the mountain. Temperatures have been good for snowmaking, and production has been good over the last few days.

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