Snowboarder sliding rail in the 100LAPS Park during Night Skiing

Terrain Parks

100LAPS Park

Introduced in 2013, the 100LAPS terrain park is the only dedicated rope tow serviced terrain park in the Pacific Northwest. You will find a wide variety S – M – L features covering the 2 acre park. True to its name, you can spin laps all day in this park and take your tricks to the next level.

Access: Chair 1

Size: S-M-L

Fun Park

Our Fun Park is now open off of Katsuk! Come up and experience our latest creation. The Fun Park currently has two tunnels, for over under fun, 2 sweeping berms, 3 whoops, and a corkscrew to finish off the park.

Access: Chair 2

Size: S-M

Lil' Bombers

Lil Bombers park is our S – M park on Mimi. Designed with mini shred in mind, Lil Bombers is a perfect learning ground to get comfortable sliding sideways.

Access: Chair 1

Size: S

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