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Grooming Report

Status of our Groomed Runs

Grooming Report

Status of our Groomed Runs


O = Open
X = Closed
PM = Groomed last night
AM = Groomed this morning

LAST UPDATED: 2/22/2017 6:00AM

*Run status is subject to change during the day depending on conditions. Please respect all rope lines and trail closures as they are there for your safety.

Chair 1

 Difficulty Trail Name Status
Mimi AM
Compromise AM
Pika Peak AM
Bypass PM
Summer Road PM

Chair 2

 Difficulty  Trail Name Status
   Tumwater 4


 Tumwater 3 O
 Tumwater 2 PM
 Lower Tumwater PM
 Sun Spot PM
 Katsuk O
 North Bomber PM
 Bomber Bowl PM
 KaWham PM


 Lip Lip PM
 Hot Dog Hill


 Hidden Valley


Pyramid Park PM
Bomber Access Road PM

Boundary Road


Windy Ridge Road PM
Tower 14 PM
 Maggi O
 Alah O


Chair 3

 Difficulty Trail Name Status
Kiwa AM
Java AM
Skookum AM
Tillikum AM


Kwan O
Lower WaWa O
Lower Tyee O
Upper Toketie O
WaWa O
Tyee O
Johnson's O

Chair 4

 Difficulty Trail Name Status
Lower Sitkum O
Sitkum O
Elip O
Upper Chak Chak O
Lower Chak Chak O
Castle O
Road to Chair 3


Road to Chair 4 O
Wounded Knee O

Off Piste Areas

Windy Ridge O
Microwave O
Bowl 4 O
Bomber Cliffs O
Castle Peak O
Outback O

Terrain Parks

LibTech's 100LAPS Park O
  Lil' Bombers Park O
  Bomber Bowl Park O


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