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Grooming Report

Status of our Groomed Runs

Grooming Report

Status of our Groomed Runs


O = Open
X = Closed
PM = Groomed last night
AM = Groomed this morning

LAST UPDATED: 1/16/2017 5:45AM

*Run status is subject to change during the day depending on conditions. Please respect all rope lines and trail closures as they are there for your safety.

Chair 1

 Difficulty Trail Name Status
Mimi AM
Compromise PM
Pika Peak PM
Bypass PM
Summer Road O

Chair 2

 Difficulty  Trail Name Status
   Tumwater 4


 Tumwater 3 AM
 Tumwater 2 AM
 Lower Tumwater AM
 Sun Spot AM
 Katsuk AM
 North Bomber AM
 Bomber Bowl AM
 KaWham O


 Lip Lip AM
 Hot Dog Hill


 Hidden Valley


Pyramid Park O
Bomber Access Road AM

Boundary Road


Windy Ridge Road AM
Tower 14 AM
 Maggi O
 Alah O


Chair 3

 Difficulty Trail Name Status
Kiwa PM
Java PM
Skookum PM
Tillikum PM


Kwan O
Lower WaWa PM
Lower Tyee O
Upper Toketie O
WaWa O
Tyee O
Johnson's O

Chair 4

 Difficulty Trail Name Status
Lower Sitkum PM
Sitkum PM
Elip PM
Upper Chak Chak PM
Lower Chak Chak PM
Castle PM
Road to Chair 3


Road to Chair 4 PM
Wounded Knee O

Off Piste Areas

Windy Ridge O
Microwave O
Bowl 4 O
Bomber Cliffs O
Castle Peak O
Outback O

Terrain Parks

LibTech's 100LAPS Park O
  Lil' Bombers Park O
  Bomber Bowl Park C


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