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Weather Updates

Weather Updates


Wednesday Conditions Update

It’s a bummer to report that Tuesday night temperatures were too warm for snowmaking to make much progress. The battle to get snow coverage on Mimi has been relentless. As of Wednesday afternoon, we are still looking for at least one solid night of cold temps on the lower mountain (Midway down to the Base Area). Mimi is close but it is not there yet. Tonight’s forecast is for mostly cloudy skies, a low around 25, and west winds 15-25 mph. If the wind calms and the temp gets down to at least 25 then there is a chance for a Friday or Saturday opening to the season. We remain optimistic but it’s still touch and go. We will know more mid-morning on Thursday and as always we are doing everything we can between then and now to make it happen! There is nobody working harder right now than our outstanding snowmaking team. Hang in there with us again tonight, pray for cold, dance for snow, re-wax those skis and boards, and know that we want to get this party started as much as you do, see you on the hill! -Josh Jorgensen GM *Any opening this weekend will be limited to Chairs 1 and 2 with likely only Sunspot, Tumwater, and Mimi runs. Off piste areas will be extremely limited due to the low snow levels. Mimi is likely to be very limited and only to be used as a route back to the base area.

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Tuesday Afternoon Conditions Update

Monday night brought us below forecast temps and calm winds. Thanks to the MRSM crew, snowmaking efforts were productive from the top of the mountain all the way down to the Base Area. We need another good night tonight of snowmaking from Midway down, but things are starting to look rather promising for a limited opening on Saturday and if everything goes well tonight maybe even Friday. We will know a lot more in the morning, but the forecast for tonight in the Base Area is calling for snow likely, mainly after 4am and otherwise mostly cloudy skies. The low should be around 25 degrees with a south wind around 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60% and total nighttime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. Keep your fingers crossed one more night for below forecast temps and above forecast snowfall! Any opening this weekend will be limited to Chairs 1 and 2 with likely only Sunspot, Tumwater, and Mimi runs. Off piste areas will be extremely limited due to the low snow levels. As we always say, regardless of the conditions, the choice to ski or not to ski is certainly much better than no choice at all. We are looking forward to that choice and are optimistic at this point that it will come this weekend! See you on the hill, -Tony

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Conditions Update

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday with friends and family! While we truly wish some of it could have been spent skiing and riding up at The Ridge, and while we always strive for a Thanksgiving opening weekend, sometimes the weather does not quite come together to allow that to happen. This is one of those years. Below average natural snow in November, and more importantly, less days and nights with snowmaking temps (26 degrees and below) have combined to keep us just on the verge of being able to open. Since our last update on 11/24, we have picked up roughly 8" of natural snowfall and some decent temperatures for snowmaking (mostly in the Upper Basin). The Upper Basin snowpack is not especially deep (<18") but on Sunspot and Tumwater runs the natural snow combined with good snowmaking productivity has combined to make for a good skiing and riding surface. The uncertain areas as of Monday afternoon lie just above Midway and down to the Base Area on Mimi. To be able to open this coming Friday 12/2 or Saturday 12/3 we need to see some cold overnight temps and low winds to be able to buffer these areas with continued snowmaking and hopefully a bit of natural snowfall as well. The forecast right now is calling for Base Area temps right on the cusp of the snowmaking range. So let's keep our fingers crossed that we see those temps drop a bit more so that we can get open this weekend! We will update the snow and conditions report daily from this point going forward to the start of the season. See you on the hill! -Tony

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Ticket office with flags fluttering in the wind and snow

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all your friends up at Mission Ridge! With a winter storm warning in effect through the night and 9"-16" of new snow possible by Sunday night, things should really start to shape up around the mountain for our anticipated opening date of Friday December 2nd. While we were hoping to open this weekend, Mother Nature decided to come just a bit too late to the party. But that is all good as we are excited to get our 50th anniversary season started off right. Remember that the ticketing office will be open Friday-Sunday 10am-6pm and the Chair 5 Pub and Retail Shop will also be open on Saturday from 11am-2pm. Have a wonderful holiday! See you on the hill, -Tony

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Looking up from the bottom of Chair 2 at early season snow coverage.

Opening Day Update

After careful evaluation of conditions out on the mountain today and of the upcoming forecast we are not going to be able to open this weekend. While we received 2" of new snow overnight and there is more snow in the forecast in the next 48 hours, it is not going to be enough for an opening this weekend. We have had some great days of snowmaking but due to warmer than average early season temps we have not had as many snowmaking opportunities as we a used to. Natural snowfall in November has also been below average but at least the month looks like it is going to go with a bang on that note.

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2" of new snow in the Upper Basin

November 23rd

It was great to get up to the mountain this morning and see that the forecasted 1"-2" inches arrived.

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Snowmaking Underway!

It may be a little later than we are used to but we are excited to announce the beginning of snowmaking on the mountain!

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Thanks for a great season!

Last chair has been called and the 2015/16 ski season is officially over. We want to thank everyone who came up this season for making it one of the best ever! See you next season.

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