Two snow guns sitting idle on Mimi at Mission Ridge

11/21 Pre-Season Update

Monday afternoon saw the return of cold temps down to the Base Area. This was a very welcome change, and the MRSM crew was able to make some nice progress until about 2 am when fog rolled in and brought with it humidity and warmer temperatures. The team is standing by and will be back out as soon as possible tonight should colder temperatures return. We still need a solid day+ of high-production snowmaking temps to pull it all together. At this point, a Friday opening looks very unlikely. We will target the weekend for the opening day of the 2023/24 season, conditions permitting, and will send out another update tomorrow. A huge thanks to all of our teams busting their backsides to get this party started! 


Are you a 2023/24 Passholder? Do you have your pass in hand? 

If you are a returning Passholder, or purchased a ticket last season:

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If you are a New Passholder and don’t have a Mission Ridge Card from last season:

  • You will be issued your lifetime Mission Ridge Card with your 2023-24 pass. Hold onto your new card for reuse season after season. 

If you need to order a Replacement Mission Ridge Card:

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  • Your replacement Mission Ridge Card will be available for pick-up at the mountain on your first day of arrival for the season. Upon request to the Season Pass Office, replacement cards can be mailed. Please email