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Keeping our focus. Protecting our culture. Ensuring our Quality.

Posted on March 27th, 2021


As we slide our way through spring, the Mission Ridge team remains focused on our guests and their experience. Our values of Community, Joy, Freedom, and Exploration serve as reliable guideposts for decisions we make. In this ever-changing world, we will always strive to be a place of consistency and quality for our guests.

Covid has brought many challenges, but it has also necessitated changes and tweaks to the way we do things in order to protect and promote the on-mountain experience. We have moved quickly to adapt and have learned a lot about the ways we can ensure a quality experience for our skiers and riders by managing capacity.

It's my hope, that within our community and region, the renewed interest in outdoor activities and pursuits will continue to grow. As a result of lockdowns and boredom, people needed to get outside and away from technology and screen-time (it’s about time!). People have returned to the mountains and healthy lifestyles in the outdoors. This past year has been a great opportunity for all of us to reassess what we care about the most.

We have seen great interest in snowboarding and skiing this winter. It's been a record-setting year at Mission for the number of people who have enjoyed getting out on the mountain. We’ve been able to achieve record-breaking visitation, all without overflowing our parking lot and maintaining manageable levels of guests on our most popular days. This year, our biggest days saw about 20% fewer people on the mountain than on the same days in previous seasons. Additionally, guests enjoyed great skiing and snowboarding on midweek days and during nights more than ever before. The experience was improved for everyone.

As a result of our commitment to maintaining the best guest experience, we will continue to limit the availability of Premier Season Passes. We will also require online ticket purchases on peak days (generally mid-season weekends and holidays), and limit the availability of tickets on those days as well. Mission Ridge will continue to have additional great pass and ticket options for those who prefer mid-week, nights, and late season days. All of these actions will allow us to continue to stay focused on protecting our culture and experience from overcrowding and diminished quality, and deliver you the best experience.

Josh Jorgensen
Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

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