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Keep up-to-date with everything Mission Ridge!


Keep up-to-date with everything Mission Ridge!

two skiers waving from the Wenatchee Express Chair

On The Way Up: Episode 18

Away we go! Brad Whiting, Director of Mountain Operations, loads us up on what makes the Wenatchee Express so unique for the Northwest and beyond in Episode 18 of On The Way Up. Bubble covers that protect you from the elements and automatically open and close, high-tech operator houses, and riding a magic carpet to load are just a few of the features that set this chair apart from others in the region. Sit back and relax as we take you On The Way Up.

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Two Weeks Have Now Been Added To The Season!

Even more days have been added this spring so you can get out on the mountain and enjoy the great spring conditions! Daily operations will now continue through April 4th. This is the first time in 21 years we have been open for daily operations into April! Two full weeks worth of days have been added to the calendar this season so you can enjoy the great snowpack and the new Wenatchee Express chairlift. We are poised for an outstanding spring season with close to 120% of average snowfall through February and clear skies and sunshine to kick off March. If you enjoy cruising pristine corduroy, soaking in the sun, and floating through deep turns on those sneaker spring powder days, there are now more opportunities to get out on the mountain.

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Skiers sitting on the Wenatchee Express with clouds behind them and the valley

On The Way Up: Episode 17

Conditions could not have been more picturesque for the opening day of the Wenatchee Express. In Episode 17, we celebrate the first day of operations, the build team takes their first ride, Delcie reflects on what it took to get here, and enjoy the great snowboarding and skiing conditions from the opening day of the Wenatchee Express.

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More March Days & Nights Added To The Calendar

We are excited to announce that additional operational days and nights have been added to the spring calendar. Daily operations have been extended through March 21st and four more evenings of Night Skiing on March 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th have been added as well. We truly appreciate all the support, encouragement, and patience from our Passholders, guests, and community throughout the Wenatchee Express chairlift process and are adding in these days and nights to say thank you to everyone. We want to make sure there is as much opportunity as possible to enjoy the Wenatchee Express and the terrain it accesses this season.

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Wenatchee Express Opening Day

We are excited to announce the Wenatchee Express chairlift opened for the first time Wednesday, February 17th! The new high-speed, four-person chairlift replaces the old Liberator Express chairlift in the same position but features chairs with plexiglass bubble covers, a shorter ride time, and loading/unloading from inside the new top and bottom terminal buildings. The chairlift is unique in the Pacific Northwest and will be a one-of-a-kind experience for snowboarders and skiers in the region. This chairlift is going to be a dramatic improvement for Mission Ridge, our Passholders, and our guests. We have always had amazing natural beauty and exceptional skiing conditions, but this lift is going to be truly transformational.

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