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Keep up-to-date with everything Mission Ridge!


Keep up-to-date with everything Mission Ridge!


On The Way Up: Episode 8

The first snow of the season has fallen and it's an exciting and anxious time on the mountain. In Episode 8 of On The Way Up we check in with project updates from the top terminal as well as take a look back to the beginning of the project with a conversation with the visionaries who have been leading the way.

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Chair 2 Project Update

Believe it or not, the start of snowmaking is just a few short weeks away! You know we always push hard to open as early as possible regardless of if that is with 1, 2, 3, or all chairs in operation. This season, our targeted opening date is the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 27th. This winter there’s a chance we’ll have the opportunity to hit the slopes before the Chair 2 install is complete. There’s also a chance that the project may run into December, and you know, that’s ok. This project is about more than just this season. We are dedicated to improving the experience and long term reliability of Chair 2  not just for the 20/21 season, but for many, many seasons to come. Our goal is to have it ready to go at least by the Christmas holiday stretch, if not before. The video series, On The Way Up, will continue with detailed project updates every other week. In future episodes, we will dive into what makes this chair unlike any other in the Pacific Northwest while continuing to highlight the hardworking men and women turning this vision into reality for you.

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On The Way Up: Episode 7

It’s time once again to check in with Delcie and the rest of the crew for exciting updates as the new Chair 2 is On The Way Up. In Episode 7, we see the first towers tipped into place, a ton (or couple tons) of concrete get poured at the summit, and meet two more members of the Mission Ridge crew. We also meet Ignacio Lopez, owner of Ignacio’s Concrete LLC. Ignacio and his team have been a huge part of this project, helping us with the foundations and slabs for the new garage/shop building at the bottom of the chair as well as at the top terminal. Finally, Delcie updates everyone on the timeline for the completion of this awesome project.

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COVID-19 Update: A Message From All Of Us At Mission Ridge

As we approach the start of the 2020/21 season, we will be releasing a series of messages regarding operations and changes that will be implemented this winter at Mission Ridge. We are excited to welcome you back to the mountain and know that you are even more excited to ski and snowboard again. It is important though, that everyone recognizes that this season will be different from any we’ve experienced. It is up to every individual, both ski area employee and guest, to do their part to help protect the health and safety of our skiing and snowboarding community. The health of our team is our number one priority. Our expectation is that each one of us will follow protocols to help keep each other healthy. We ask all employees and guests to share in this responsibility and help us, “be the reason we have a season.”

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On The Way Up: Episode 6

It has been a couple weeks since we last checked in with Delcie and the rest of the Summer Crew to find out what's been going down on the mountain as the new Chair 2 is, On The Way Up. In Episode 6, we meet Western Ranch Buildings LLC, the local company erecting the new building at the bottom of Chair 2 that will store the bubble chairs when they are not in use and house the new Lift Maintenance shop. We also get some other very exciting progress updates as well as meet more of the Mission Ridge team members putting in the work to bring this new chair to life.

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Perfect First-Time Experience for Snowboarding!

January 4th, 2018Trip Advisor

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