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Off-season Access

Off-season Access


Updated 5/22/20

Public access within the Mission Ridge Special Use Permit area is permitted except where restricted due to maintenance and construction projects.

  • Please avoid the RED Construction Zones
  • Uphill access should follow the GREEN and YELLOW lines
  • To access the summit, please follow the Mimi to Tumwater to Fun Park/Katsuk designated GREEN/YELLOW route

Map with summer access route identifiedTrail Map with access route indicated

Construction will be underway 7 days a week. Access to the Summer Road and the Chair 2 corridor will be restricted throughout the offseason. Please stay out of the RED zones indicated on the map. Hazards may include but are not limited to blasting, heavy equipment, rockfall. Trenching, overhead work, electrical hazards, crushing injuries, as well as other known and unknown hazards. Failure to avoid these zones may result in injury or even death. Use caution when accessing the mountain in the offseason and stay clear of all work zones, machinery, and personnel. Thank you for your patience while we build this new chairlift.

The mountains are calling and I must go! At Mission Ridge we know the feeling...that is why this is our favorite place to be. And while we really love winter in the mountains and up at The Ridge, we know we are not alone in our love of Spring, Summer, and Fall hikes as well. At Mission Ridge there are no Summer Operations other than maintenance and during this off-season (through October 31) public access within the Mission Ridge Special Use Permit area is permitted except where restricted due to maintenance and construction. While we enjoy seeing the Mission Ridge community in the mountains and on the trails year round we also want to remind everyone of a couple of things (or as a heads up to those just starting to enjoy exploring this area we call home).

  • Public access is limited to non-motorized use. (Snowmobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, and all other motorized vehicles are not allowed at any time).
  • Maintenance work is ongoing throughout the off-season and maintenance personnel and vehicles may be on the mountain at any time. Avoid areas where work is ongoing and respect all maintenance related area closures.
  • The Mission Ridge parking lot is closed for the entirety of the off-season. Only authorized personnel are allowed to park beyond the entry gate which may close and lock at any time. Please park in the designated area near the Lake Clara Trailhead.
  • No trespassing on Mission Ridge structures and developments. This includes building, equipment, chairlifts, etc.

We hope you all have a wonderful Spring, Summer, and Fall and look forward to seeing you on the hill!

Sun and Powder... perfect combination!

January 18th, 2017Trip Advisor

New Mission LLC operates Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort under special use permits from the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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