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RV Parking Policy

RV Parking Policy


Mission Ridge allows RV parking in a designated area of 22-25 spaces (depending on how close folks park) at a backed-in angle of ~30 degrees. See photo. We do not have an overflow parking area so it's on a first come basis. The designated RV area is not exclusive to RV use and may be used for general parking as space allows on a first come basis.

RVs are NOT allowed to park in areas other than the designated RV area unless instructed by the Mission Ridge Parking Supervisor.

RVs are allowed to park overnight ONLY in the designated RV area and ONLY during days when Mission Ridge is open for operations to the public. All vehicles including RVs are NOT allowed to be left un-attended overnight. All vehicles including

RVs are NOT allowed to be left on-site during periods when the area is closed. We do have special and private events that use this portion of the parking lot and we ask RVs to help accommodate that by following parking staff's instructions.

The Mission Ridge slopes are closed by the Ski Patrol at 4 p.m. for grooming and other maintenance. Skiing or riding after hours, before opening or during avalanche control, is prohibited. Tubing, sliding and sledding are not allowed at any time.  We don't charge for RV parking. All RVs must be self-contained. No electrical hook-ups are available. We ask that RVs help us keep clear of snow removal, police their area, police their pets and kids, follow a pack-it-in, pack-it-out policy, don't bring extra vehicles and park close together so we don't have to turn-away a single guest.

Please check during the season for updates to this policy. Please call (509) 663-6543 or e-mail for additional information.


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