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CONDITIONS 02/26 at 3:43pm | Overnight: 1" | 24 hrs: 1' | Temp: 22° | Forcast IconFULL REPORT | Webcam IconWEBCAMS

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Conditions Report

Conditions Report


Last Updated:: 3:43pm on 02/26/2017.

Chair 1Open
Chair 2Open
Chair 3Standby
Chair 4Open
LibTech's 100LAPS Rope Tow ParkOpen
Pika Peak Rope TowOpen
48 hrs1"1"1"
24 hrs1'1"1"
Temp (°F)221921
Surface (?)PPPPPP
Base Depth50"48"48"

Weather Updates


Sunday 2/26 Forecast

Stash those goggle tans away and come enjoy this snowy Sunday on the slopes with us! We’ve received an inch so far and the freshies are still falling from the sky! The groomers are flowing so smooth with the buttery dusting of powder and off-piste riding will get increasingly better as the days goes on and the snow keeps falling! Afternoon skiing and riding should be epic! See you out there, -Skier Amy   Full Report


Saturday 2/25 Forecast

12:45pm Update: Parking spaces are opening up in the main parking lot. It has been an amazing first half of the day with tons of sun and tons of fun! To fully describe how awesome the slopes are this morning I am going to refer back to my native Australian language, and declare that, “she’s a beauty out there mates!” Blue skies, calm breeze, and cool temps are keeping those surface conditions totally mint! The cords are crisp and fast and off-piste shreddin’ is still soft in some places! Snow clouds are forecast to roll in later on to provide some freshies for tomorrow so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Starting at 11am we have the  Durak skier’s only rail jam competition taking place in the 100Laps park today, if you’re riding up chair One you’ll have some of the best seats in the house, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show from the comfort of the chairlift! And don’t stop the good times there, come rock the night away one last time with Massy Fergusson and all your friends for the final night riding session and Mountain Music Series of the season... I’d say there’s no better destination for your Saturday adventures than Mission Ridge! See you out there, -Skier Amy Full Report


Friday 2/24 Forecast

As I made my early morning commute around the mountain this morning I was lichen’ the awesome green moss/blue sky color contrast that flashed by me down Bomber Chutes! And the conditions are equally as epic as the scenery! The cold temps are keeping the surface conditions fresh for your sliding pleasure! The groomers are  tight and fast and the pow stashes off-piste are still light, soft and worth adventuring around for! Calm and blue skies are giving way to snow clouds rolling in this afternoon with potential snow in the mix! Come hit the slopes for an awesome day! See you out there, -Skier Amy Full Report

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