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CONDITIONS 01/23 at 8:35am | Overnight: 0" | 24 hrs: 6" | Temp: 18° | Forcast IconFULL REPORT | Webcam IconWEBCAMS

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Conditions Report

Conditions Report


Last Updated:: 8:35am on 01/23/2017.

Chair 1Open
Chair 2Open
Chair 3Open
Chair 4Closed
Pika Peak Rope TowOpen
LibTech's 100LAPS Rope Tow ParkOpen
48 hrs12"12"11"
24 hrs6"5"5"
Temp (°F)182023
Surface (?)P-PPP-PPP-PP
Base Depth44"42"37"

Weather Updates


Monday 1/23 Forecast

With 12” in 48 hours the mountain is going to rock.  Yesterday we were spoiled with free refills but today we get to glide through the powder pockets under a bluebird sky.  It's a great day to stock up on your Vitamin D as you slash the corduroy and seek and destroy the powder stashes.  Those colder winter temps we’ve become so accustomed to have returned so dress accordingly and prepare yourself for a marvelous day on the slopes! Let’s Ride -Matt Full Report


Sunday 1/22 Forecast

11:40am Update - The snow is coming down heavy and we’ve received 5” of new snow since 7am!  Forecast calls for snow all day!  Overflow parking is in effect and we are shuttling all day from Squilchuck State Park and Boy Scout Camp.  Winter driving conditions exist so come prepared.  Today is epic!  Tomorrow is going to be amazing as well! Let’s Ride -Matt Full Report


Saturday 1/21 Forecast

9:27am Update: Overflow parking is in effect. We are running shuttles form Squilchuck State Park. Thank you for your patience and cooperation! Are you ready for some epic shredding today?I just came down from lapping the 3” of fresh we received last night and I’d have to say the surface conditions are primo! The base has filled in nicely and the soft stuff on top makes every turn feel floaty and fun! The groomers on Chair 2 are fresh and smooth and the Chair 3 cords are laced with an inch of new snow making them creamy underfoot. Visibility is clearing, winds are calm and the temps are mild, so there really isn’t a better place to be then on the slopes today! And, let the good times roll into the night for our night riding series and a rockin’ show with live music from the band The Ramblin Years! See you out there, -Skier Amy Full Report

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