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Conditions Report

Conditions Report


Last Updated:: 3:17pm on 09/29/2022.

Chair 1Closed
Chair 2Closed
Chair 3Closed
Chair 4Closed
100LAPS Rope TowClosed
Pika Peak Rope TowClosed
48 hrs---
24 hrs---
Wind Direction---
Temp (°F)---
Surface (?)---
Base Depth---

Weather Updates

May 1 2022 5:03pm

That’s it. That’s all. At least until next season! Thank you to all of the staff that made this season possible. Thank you to all the passholders and guests that make it worth doing. We gather together on this mountain as a community. We seek freedom and joy through the exploration of this place, our abilities, and ourselves. This place is special, but the people make it worth coming back! Have a great off-season everyone and we will see you on the mountain next winter.

May 1 2022 6:58am

10 AM Update: What a way to start the last day of the season! The sun is out, and the sun-kissed snow is riding great and providing some fun spring turns. Bomber Bowl was riding exceptionally well and was some of the softer snow this morning as the sun has been on it the longest. Off-piste is variable, and the shaded areas were firmer as well. Look for the mountain to soften up as the day goes on. Come up and take some laps in May!

Today is your chance to be a part of history! For the first time in 39 years, you have the chance to make some turns in May! The AM groomers should be riding nice this morning. Look for firmer conditions across the mountain this morning but it should start loosening up as the morning goes on as the temps are expected to be 55 in the Base Area and 44 at the Summit Basin.

Apr 30 2022 6:28am

10:00 am Update : Fresh snow on April 30th? We'll take it! Off to a great start to closing weekend. Temps are slightly cooler than expected and have delivered about an inch of new snow on top of the groom from base to summit. Make sure to wax up those boards and get up here while you still can!

Early Morning Report: The final weekend of the season is here and we hope to see you up on the mountain! A light snow is falling across the mountain this morning with more precipitation in the forecast throughout the day. We expect to see snow showers at the summit and a snow/rain mix in the Base Area as we get to the afternoon. Chairs 1 and 2 as well as both rope tows are scheduled for operation from 9am to 4 pm today. Snow conditions will be variable based on temperature changes, elevation, and amount of precipitation we end up seeing. It is hard to believe we've made it to the last day in April and still have 1 more day left this season! Tomorrow, May 1st, will mark the first time in 39 years we've been open in May and only the 5th time in Mission's history. What a way to end the season!


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