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Proud of Where We’re From

Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort has provided exceptional outdoor recreational experiences since its inception in 1966. For over 50 years, Mission Ridge has been an integral part of the greater Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington, as well as a destination for visitors throughout our region. Interest in recreational opportunities at Mission Ridge has grown during this time and Mission Ridge is in a unique position to meet that public demand while maintaining the character that makes Mission Ridge so special.

Archival photo of Mission Ridge

Born in controversy, difficult to achieve, and thoroughly gratifying for all who had a part in it. -Donald M. Kirby "Mission Ridge…The First 20 Years"

Dedicated to Our Local Communities

The current resort sits on over 2,000 acres of leased U.S. Forest Service and Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife land and is located only 12 miles from the City of Wenatchee. In addition to the Hampton Lodge, which has a full restaurant/bar and ski rentals and services, Mission has four ski lifts, 36 designated trails and has a vertical rise of 2,250 feet which places the top elevation for the resort at 6,820 ft. above sea level. Mission Ridge is primarily a day/local use alpine ski area. However, Mission Ridge also serves regional skiers who travel and rely upon overnight accommodations for multi-day skiing experiences.

 Key Areas for Improvement

  • Added day use parking lots
  • New Lodge Space, Restaurants and seating
  • Added beginner and teaching terrain for new skiers and riders with magic carpets.
  • New Nordic skiing trails.
  • Overnight accommodations including new condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, and single family detached homes.
  • Non-ski activities to engage the whole family, such as snow tubing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking trails.
  • Commercial uses such as shops, restaurants, and entertainment for the family
Mission Ridge ski run view of Wenatchee

Mission Ridge has a unique connection and dedication to the communities of Central Washington.The team at Mission is committed to stewardship, community, and our small mountain vibe - aka the MR way of life -we value our mountain home and growing our ties with our community.

Looking Toward the Future

Currently, Mission Ridge has limitations that have impeded the ability to provide a full range of services and has put sustainability of the ski area at risk. As an example, existing on-site parking facilities have proven to be insufficient to meet customer demand. Beginner skiers are currently limited to inadequately-sized learning terrain and high volume, main corridor beginner runs. Families or groups that include non-skiers or Nordic skiers do not have options at Mission Ridge. Finally, Mission Ridge lacks onsite overnight accommodations and as a result loses the opportunity to bring in families looking for a full service vacation experience.

In 2014, Larry Scrivanich, owner of Mission Ridge, purchased approximately 800 acres of private land adjacent to the current Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort (apx. 502 of those acres are included within the current project). Since then, the Mission Ridge team has been working with the Wenatchee Valley community to develop a plan that would integrate existing resort amenities with expanded services and recreational opportunities. The overarching goals and foundation for this project are to meets and exceed county requirements while implementing the four core values of Mission Ridge; Community, Joy, Freedom, and Exploration. The Mission Ridge Expansion is designed to enhance and grow all of these values.

The Mission Ridge Expansion is designed to enhance and grow our core values: Community, Joy, Freedom, and Exploration. Plans to update existing resort chairlifts and amenities are also underway.

Mission Ridge Expansion Project


What has been accomplished since 2015

  • Community Outreach
  • Creation of Advisory Board and collaboration with stakeholders in the region
  • Initial site study and planning
    Site plan for ski terrain, village and home sites.
  • Application Submitted to Chelan County and the USFS (2018)
  • SEPA checklist
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Cultural Resources Report
  • Fire Protection Plan
  • Aquatics, Wildlife, and Botany
  • Resources Report
  • Geological Report
  • Hydrology Memorandum
  • Economic Significance Report
  • Environmental Analysis submitted to USFS for NEPA analysis (2019)



  • Maintain the values of stewardship, community, and small mountain vibe – aka the MR way of life…keep our soul intact while growing. Keep our roots and our ties to our community.
  • Increase guest parking capacity.
  • Improve and increase beginner terrain for teaching new guests.
  • Add indoor seating and new food service options.
  • Increase visitation enough to create financial stability and remain viable long term.


Project Benefits

  • Add financial stability for Mission Ridge and ensure a secure future for the resort. The 50 year history of Mission Ridge is one of financial struggles.
  • Plans to make improvements to the existing resort will happen in conjunction with the Expansion. In fact, significant improvements (like new chairlifts) are unlikely to ever be possible without the Expansion to help fund them.
  • Job creation in the Wenatchee Valley of 200 new jobs in the first 10 years of implementation of the plan.
  • The economic impact of Mission Ridge is projected to grow from $14 million annually to $30 million through guests that visit the area, stay in hotels, shop in Downtown Wenatchee, eat at our restaurants and fuel up for the drive home.
  • New recreation opportunities will encourage active lifestyles and healthy living.

The Mission Ridge Expansion site-plan increases beginner terrain significantly, thereby reducing congestion on Chair 1 and Mimi. The plan also adds Nordic skiing and snow tubing for more winter recreation opportunities.

Thank You for Your Support!