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Mountain Stats / History

Mountain Stats / History



Operating on 2,000 Acres Total

Top Elevation

6,820 ft

Base Elevation

4,570 ft

Vertical Rise

2,250 ft

Easiest Trails


Difficult Trails


Most Difficult



Sunny side of the Cascades


Late November to early April


1 high speed quad, 3 double chair lifts, 2 tows

Lift Capacity

4,910 skiers per hour

Designated Trails



Chairlifts 1 and 4 and all the way to the summit via the Liberator Express. 80 hydrants covering 66 acres. 18 million gallon reservoir.


A military B-24 Liberator heavy bomber crashes in the Squilchuck Basin.


December 11, Mission Ridge Ski Area opens with Chairs #1, #2, and two tows.


Chair Lift 3 is added.


Chair Lift 4 is added.


Snowmaking is installed on the lower slopes.


The Bomber Wing is moved off the mountain and mounted in the Lodge.


Facilities are remodeled to include Child Care, Kid's Club, and admin. offices in base area; indoor seating and heated restrooms at Midway. The B-24 Bomber Wing is moved to the entrance of Bomber Bowl...within one hour, it started snowing and a legend began.


Midway Café is constructed to seat 68 indoors and 60 on the deck.


Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass join together as Harbor Mountain LLC Co, the company then made an offer to purchase Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho.


Silver Creek Restaurant Company takes over the Food and Beverage Centers. Midway Café becomes the Mountain Roost. Chair 5 transformed into The Lost Prop; with a warmer environment. Ridge Sports rental/retail is consolidated into Ridge Mountain Works.


Harbor Resorts announced plan to market and sell Mission Ridge Ski Area. The Border Café is transformed into The Outpost, a quick-stop food stop.


Record breaking year for skier visits. New marketing initiatives. Remodeled Food Service Area in Hampton Lodge. McGlinn's On The Mountain operating Food Service. Mission Impressions assumes the "The Outpost" area to showcase local artists and specialty retail.


Mission Ridge Environmental Assessment/Master Development Plan is approved. November of 2003, Mission Ridge Resort Inc. purchased Mission Ridge, from Harbor Mountain LLC. owner Larry Scrivanich.


Ski School receives an addition, growing the building by an additional 25%. Summer grooming opens trails and more gladed tree skiing. Mission Ridge operates food service.


A Poma High Speed Detachable Quad is purchased from Winter Park CO. and is installed at Mission Ridge as the Liberator Express to replace Chair #2. Phase I of the snowmaking expansion is installed along with the construction of an 18 mm gallon reservoir. The area now has 66 acres of snowmaking coverage, the most in Washington State.


Skookum run on Chair 3 was widened to a minimum width of 132 feet, adding approximately 5 acres to the run. The run was recently homologated allowing the ski team to once again host FIS sanctioned ski races on Skookum.


The lower parking lot is expanded to accommodate 70 additional cars and Mission Ridge Road is reconstructed, with new pull-outs and guard rails installed. A new parking rail for the Liberator Express was built with the capacity to park 33 chairs on the parking rail which means that most of the upper basin (tower 19 on up) is bare cable only allowing for an easier and more reliable start up even during storm weather periods. (The parking rail is the half circle track on the downhill end of the bottom terminal of the quad which was used last season every night to park chairs on. With 33 chairs off of the cable or haul rope, we would run the small gap up to the top of the mountain to keep a few chairs out of the bad weather. Less chairs covered in rime ice saves us valuable time in the mornings during start-up. This is a common procedure for ski areas with heavy ice and wind or bad weather-related issues. Some storms would prevent the quad from running up to three days due to iced up chairs.)


Completed summer projects included rewiring, upgrading and redesigning the electrical drive system in 2008 and the electrical monitoring system in 2011 of The Liberator Express. This major investment was made in an effort to ensure more reliable and safe operation of the lift as well as a more systematic approach to diagnosing problems should they occur. The second phase of the Mission Ridge Road Project was also completed in 2008.

Went for Racing, Stayed for the Powder!

July 2nd, 2015Trip Advisor

New Mission LLC operates Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort under special use permits from the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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