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Rules Of Use

Rules Of Use



Introductory Statement from the Forest Service:

Within the permit area, the ski area and its representatives are authorized to discourage and report to appropriate authorities:

  1. incidents of offensive or derisive communication directed at any other person who is lawfully present when that communication has a direct tendency to cause acts of violence by the person to whom the remark is directed; and
  2. communications or actions directed toward inciting imminent lawless action and likely to incite such action.

The ski area may enforce Rules of Use, including a Rule of Use that prohibits the foregoing conduct, within the permit area and may remove persons who violate the Rules of Use.  The ski area may use private security services or security guards and/or off-duty state or local law enforcement personnel to enforce the rules of use.  The ski area may also call upon state or local law enforcement agencies to enforce violations of state or local law and forest service law enforcement officers to enforce violations of federal law.


The terms “skiing” and “skier” will also refer to “snowboarding” and snowboarders”, and to any other users of the ski area.

The Ski Area Permit Holder will be referred to as the “ski area”.

The ski area may remove/trespass persons from the permit area for the following acts/behaviors:

  • Violations of state/federal/local laws or regulations.
  • Threats of violence or communications or actions likely to incite imminent violence or other imminent lawless behavior in others.
  • Disruption of business including harassment, rude or disruptive conduct, language or materials.
  • Use of designated trails, lifts, terrain parks, and/or half pipes without a valid lift ticket or pass.
  • Unauthorized resale or purchase of lift ticket/pass, or any other fraudulent use or alteration of ticket/pass.
  • Actions likely to cause harm to self or others such as violation of closed areas, reckless/hazardous behavior on the slopes, including but not limited to reckless jumping, out-of-control skiing or boarding, excessive speed in designated slow areas, unauthorized construction of jumps or obstacles.
  • Sledding or tubing within the Mission Ridge permit area.
  • Uphill travel on designated trails and runs during the period of winter preparation, maintenance and operations.
  • Unauthorized public use of snowmobiles or other motorized vehicles within the Mission Ridge permit area.
  • Unauthorized removal, destruction, defacing or relocation of any signs, barricades, rope lines, cones, or other warning or marking devices.
  • Reckless or hazardous behavior on lifts that may endanger self or others such as jumping from lift, deliberate excessive swinging of chairs, climbing towers or in any way interfering with the safe operation of the equipment.
  • Any conduct that interferes with the safe administration of avalanche control, including any failure to respect avalanche closures or posted hazards.
  • Unauthorized overnight parking or camping.
  • Use of any unapproved/unauthorized equipment or downhill devices at the ski area.
  • Construction and occupy any unauthorized physical structures.

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December 18th, 2017Trip Advisor

New Mission LLC operates Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort under special use permits from the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Phone: (509) 663-6543
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