Weather Updates Archive

With the new snow and super mellow crowds, it's just one of those days at Mission Ridge-magnificent! The new snow is on the heavier side, but super fun nonetheless. There is plenty of untracked snow to go around, plus it's still coming down. Most runs (groomed and ungroomed) are covered in the snow we received this morning, making for playful turns.
Adventure is out there and you should be too! The clouds are high in the sky which means we still have great views of the Wenatchee Valley. The groomed runs on Chair 3 are skiing especially well this morning, but you can find carveable, fun snow on the groomers across the mountain. On the ungroomed runs you will find variable snow ranging from hard pack to softer spring-like snow. Come on out to enjoy some spring turns before the potential return of winter tonight!
We've got comfy temps and sun hitting the mountain which means we're off to another great day! The groomed runs are skiing fast and firm this morning but will quickly soften up. The runs that were not groomed are quite firm and very dynamic. You'll feel the wind in most open areas of the mountain today. Be on the lookout for areas that are newly experiencing low coverage and have some fun out there!
The sun is shining and the runs are skiing fast! The groomed runs started crisp this morning where you'll find firm corduroy in the shade with rapidly softening turns in the sun.
 The sun is beginning to work it's way across the slopes this morning, softening the snow in it's path. Runs in the shade will be running fast and firm, while anything in the sun will soften quickly as the day progresses. 
Put your sunscreen on and get up here for a day of Spring skiing! The sun is making it's way on to the slopes and softening the snow rapidly. Our first runs of the morning gave us areas of firm yet carvable groomed runs in the shade and creamy, soft turns in the sunshine.