Weather Updates Archive

We are waking up to golden rays of sunshine on the mountain for St. Paddy's Day. Our grooming team has supplied us with fresh corduroy overnight, so we can expect snow surfaces to be firm to start the day, softening up as the morning progresses.
It's a beautifully sunny Saturday! Wraparound views of the surrounding mountains and the Wenatchee Valley are providing wonderful sightseeing from every nook and cranny of the mountain. Right now the groomed snow is soft, but not Spring soft quite yet. The ungroomed snow is still firm at this point, give the sun another couple of hours and the entire mountain will be a Spring playground!
With 360 degree views, supreme corduroy, and comfy temps, it's a spectacular day to be on the mountain! The runs that were groomed this morning are perfectly smooth and dreamy. Runs that were groomed before midnight are a bit faster, but will soften as it gets warmer. It's a great day to shed a layer from your usual winter get-up as we are starting to see a glimpse of Spring temps. Off-piste is still quite firm and variable this morning. Expect it to soften up as the day progresses.
Today we have been served deluxe groomers with a side of sunshine. The snow surface on the groomers has the perfect amount of grip. Off the groomed runs is dry, choppy snow with some areas of sparkly, soft snow. Expect the snow across the mountain to soften up as the day progresses. In addition to great conditions we have beautiful views, so come on up and enjoy the Mission Ridge experience!
It's a beautiful morning on the Mountain! Our grooming team did an amazing job of laying immaculate corduroy that is making for quick turns this morning. Off of the groomed runs you'll find areas of heavy, wind-loaded powder to soft snow, firm surfaces and thin coverage in areas.
Last night's 3" of fresh snow is mixing in for some amazing turns this morning! The snow on the groomed runs varies from light powder, heavier wind-loaded patches and soft corduroy. Soft turns can be found in most places off of the groomed runs with patches of wind-affected surfaces, deeper soft snow and thin coverage in places.