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Weather Updates

Weather Updates

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Friday 12-14 Forecast

After a week of rejuvenation on the mountain we are excited to be open daily through January 1st from 9am-4pm. We have seen 10" of new snow this week and there is more snow in the forecast for the weekend. You can look forward to nice groomed conditions and the possibility of additional terrain to explore today. The 2018/19 season is in full swing and it is a great time come up to ski and ride!

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Weekend 12/14-18 Forecast

10" of new snow since Sunday and we expect storms to continue into the weekend! As we approach daily operations through the holidays we are super excited to see the Mountain in such great shape. Temperatures have been relatively warm this week and the new snow is dense and creamy, ideal snow for establishing a base for the rest of the season. We expect to see some new terrain opening up on Chair 3 tomorrow! Additional terrain will open as the snow piles up and conditions permit.

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Re-Opening Friday December 14

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend! We had a blast and are stoked that we were able to open Chairs 3 & 4 for the first time this season! Reminder, we will be closed this week Monday - Thursday and will reopen for daily operation on Friday through Jan 1 from 9 AM to 4 PM. We're expecting a few storms over the next 7 days. We're excited about the potential and to get even more terrain open ASAP!

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Sunday 12/9 Forecast

We're excited to get back out on the Mountain for some more skiing and riding! We have received one inch of new snow overnight and we expect a wintry, snowy day today. All chairs will be in operation again today. With a little fresh on top, I'm expecting some sweet smooth turns this morning! 10 am Update: That inch of new snow has made the slopes groomed last night super creamy and smooth! Challenging visibility at the Summit, so my recommendation is to explore the runs on Chairs 3 and 4. We're still waiting for the snowflakes to materialize today, but I'm hoping for another refresh this afternoon!

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Saturday 12/8 Forecast

We are very excited to have ALL Chairs in operation today for the first time this season. A considerable amount of terrain has been opened since last Sunday, so take some time to explore and find the best runs. Be aware that, due to limited coverage, there is presently no route from Chair 4 to Midway. We expect great skiing and we're hoping for epic views of Mt Rainier and the surrounding area from the Summit again today. 9:30 am Update: All chairs are hummin' along, hauling riders to the top of the Ridge to enjoy the rush of the descent! The skiing is every bit as good as we expected, but there are still some thin spots so remember to ski with caution and be prepared for marked and unmarked obstacles. Cloudy skies dominate today, but as of right now visibility on the slopes is good from top to bottom.

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Friday 12/7 Forecast

We are very excited to have Chair 3 in operation today for the first time this season. Don't hesitate to hi-five a Snowmaker, Groomer, Lift Operator, or Patroller and thank them for all the work they've done to make this a reality! We will be opening up a lot of terrain for the first time today, so easy style it and keep an eye out for hazards that may be just below the snow surface. It's going to be a great day! 12:30 pm Update: Chair 3, how I have missed you. Welcome back! There are a lot of stoked riders out there tearing up the mountain. The sun is out at the Summit and the views are amazing from the top. The lower mountain is engulfed in a persistent cloud layer affecting visibility, but the skiing and visibility are great from Midway to the Summit.

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Weekend 12/7-12/9 Forecast

We are pleased to announce that Chairs 1, 2 and 3 will be in operation Friday and ALL Chairs will be in operation Saturday and Sunday!!! Huge shout out to the Snowmaking, Grooming, Lift Ops, Lift Maintenance, Patrol and all other Mountain Ops crews for making this a possibility! Marked and unmarked obstacles do exist so please stay on open runs and respect all posted closures, rope lines, slow signs, and other posted warning signs. The forecast is looking snowy moving into next week, so we expect to see even more terrain open as coverage improves and we transition to daily operation for the holidays. See you on at 9 am Friday!

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Re-Opening Friday December 7th

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend! We had a blast and are stoked that we were able to open chair 2. Reminder, we will be closed this week Monday - Thursday and will reopen for Friday - Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

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Sunday 12/2 Forecast

With 13” of new snow in the past week and tremendous contributions from the Mission Ridge Snowmaking, Grooming, and Mountain Operations crews, we are excited to announce that Chair 2 will open today! We are raring to get out there and ski top to bottom laps on some of the best snow the PNW has to offer. The forecast looks nice, with cool temperatures and light winds at the summit. A persistent cloud layer has settled in on the upper mountain, which may make for poor visibility until it clears. It's going to be another great day at the Ridge! 11am Update: It feels great to get chair 2 spinning and ski laps off the Summit. The new snow has done wonders and the views from the chair are incredible. Poor visibility on the upper mountain persists, but it clears up about the middle of Tumwater 2. For your safety and the safety of others, please remember to ski in control at all times and respect all posted slow signs.

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Sunday Preview - Chair 2 To Open

With over 10” of new snow and a massive effort by the Mission Ridge Snowmaking, Grooming and Mountain Operations crews, we are excited to announce that Chair 2 will open tomorrow Sunday December 2nd! We will have Chairs 1, 2 and the Pika Peak rope tow scheduled for operation Sunday from 9am-4pm.

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