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Weather Updates

Weather Updates


Friday 2/21 Forecast

There's another solid day of high quality skiing and riding in our future. Groomers have been firm and fresh lately, perfect for laying down some carves. Off-piste has areas of firmness but is surprisingly fun where there's some softer snow.

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sunny groomed run chairlift view

Thursday 2/20 Forecast

All is well at the Ridge today with some nicely carving firm corduroy and sunny skies. I skied down Nertz and it had some large soft bumps that were pretty fun. It is calm and cold at the top and the views are clear as usual.

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Wednesday 2/19 Forecast

The conditions out there today are just like yesterday! Nice firm groomers with some playful hardpack off-piste. Come enjoy a quiet and calm midweek day up on the mountain. Chairs 1,2 and 3 as well as the Pika Peak and LibTECH 100 Laps rope tows are scheduled for operation from 9AM-4PM.

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Tuesday 2/18 Forecast

The stars are out and it is a beautiful clear morning up here at the mountain! We are gearing up for a beautiful sunny day with some fresh corduroy. The new snow we received in the last 24 hours freshened things up a bit. The groomers will be firm today and off-piste will be hardpack powder with some leftover pockets in some areas.

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Snowboarder doing a nice heelside powder turn

Monday 2/17 Forecast

With an inch of fresh snow coating the mountain the skiing out there is really fun. There is just enough powder to make a huge difference off-piste, but keep in mind there are still firm patches underneath. On the groomers that didn't get groomed after the snow I had a great time making playful slashy turns. Likewise, the groomed runs offered some of the best carving I've had in recent memory. Get up here and and enjoy this gorgeous sunny day!

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skier laying trench on a sunny groomer

Sunday 2/16 Forecast

It's a gorgeous sunny day and the groomers are firm and skiing quick. Off-piste conditions are surprisingly good, with a thin layer of soft wind-drifted snow on top. But be aware of variable snow underneath. It's another great day up here with big views to the valley below. And don't forget, we have a special Sunday Night Ski tonight that runs until 9pm with live music in the Chair 5 pub by Jennan Oaks.

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skier ripping down a fresh groomer

Saturday 2/15 Forecast

It's snowing lightly on the mountain! The groomers are skiing great as usual and there are some patches of soft stuff here and there on the sides. Our fingers are crossed for some freshies to accumulate in the afternoon today. If so it could be very good in the afternoon and during night skiing.

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bomber cliffs groomer view

Friday 2/14 Forecast

It is snowing lightly near the top and the skiing is great with fresh corduroy and a thin layer of slightly windrifted new snow. Off-piste is still firm and variable but as it keeps snowing and blowing conditions should improve substantially. Weather will probably be changing throughout the day with snow, sun and clouds moving in and out.

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skier laying trench on a sunny groomer

Thursday 2/13 Forecast

The groomers are top notch today with just enough softness to lay out some nice easy carves. It's truly some of the nicest grooming I've seen this winter. Off-piste conditions are variable; there's some decent chalky cold snow on top but it's very firm in spots. The sun is out and it's a wonderful and quiet day at the Ridge.

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Wednesday 2/12 Forecast

I just took two runs in the upper basin in the sun and groomers are firm as expected. Off-piste is still very firm but still fun and soft in some areas. The fresh corduroy made for some fun turns, so come on up and enjoy a midweek day.

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