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Weather Updates

Weather Updates


Saturday 3/25 Forecast

After an epic little powder day yesterday sunshine is on the menu today! We’ve received 1” overnight with a total snow accumulation of 6” in the last 24 hours! It’s a ripper of a day on the mountain with primo views back droppin’ the Bomber Banked slalom event, which is kicking off at 11am! Groomers are smooth and fast flowing and off-piste stashes are still out there ready to shred! Variable surface conditions exist so be mindful, play it safe and have fun! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Friday 3/24 Forecast

Wahooo it’s wintry out there today and we’re havin’ a blast cuttin’ some shapes in the new snow! We’ve received 4” overnight, 5” of fresh pow in the last 24hrs and the snow is still fallin’! Snow showers are forecast to coninue throughout the day so there'll be plenty of sweet stashes for everyone to shred! The summit is a little breezy so expect some wind affected surface conditions in some places. Come join us on the slopes as we head back out to enjoy the goods! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Thursday 3/23 Forecast

Today is one of those days that just makes you wanna sing: The sun is shining and the weather is sweet, groomers are epic under my dancing feet! Come enjoy this bluebird day with us as we soak up the sun and the views before the snow clouds are forecast to roll in this afternoon! And the same goodness goes for the surface conditions: the mid and upper basins are boastin’ tight cords that’ll get you carving up a storm, lower basin is still a little firm but the solar effect should soften things up through out the day.  New snow from the beginning of the week has left some off-piste pockets to shred. Be mindful that variable conditions exist so easy ride it and ski smart! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Sunday 3/19 Forecast

12:30pm Update: We have all chairs and tows in operation and a beautiful sunny day on our hands! Still Time to come up and enjoy the ride. | Morning Report: The skies cleared up and the sun came out yesterday just in time or the Dummy Downhill and we are going to see a whole lot more of that today! Clear skies, calm winds, and sunshine is the forecast for today. We saw considerable cooling last night so expect firm surface conditions this morning and into mid-day. You will want to start out on some of the AM groomed runs and follow the sun as the light tracks from Bomber Bowl on the skier's left of the mountain over to the terrain off of Chairs 3 and 4 on the right. See you on the hill, -Tony

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Saturday 3/18 Forecast

2:02pm Update: We now have all chairs in operation. Visibility is low at the Summit but good at Midway and in the Base Area. We have seen a little bit of everything today from some rain, to wintry mix, to snow, to cloud breaks and a bit of blue sky in the Base Area. We look forward to decreasing clouds and a sunny day on the mountain tomorrow but not before the 17th Annual Dummy Downhill presented by Banner Bank this afternoon!  

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Friday 3/17 Forecast

Top of the mornin' to ya and a Happy St Pattys Day to all! We may not have the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow but we do have good times on the slopes and plenty of beer for apres ski! Warmer temps overnight have softened surface conditions slightly since yesterday, still firm and fast but with more give underfoot. Consistent temps last night allowed our awesome groomers  the chance to get in and work on a few more trails this morning and Bomber Bowl is riding super smooth! Clouds are also rollin’ in to make way for possible snow showers during the day and is likely to snow into tomorrow, with a possible snow accumulation of 1-2” fresh! This wee top up will keep us smiling, so keep your fingers crossed and dance like the Irish! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Thursday 3/16 Forecast

Spring has finally sprung! As the daylight hours get longer and the flowers begin to dust off their winter coats in the valley, spring conditions are also present on the mountain. Sharp edges are key today as firm and fast surface conditions exist, both on and off-piste, due to the freeze thaw effect of fluctuating temps in the last 24 hours.  Expect sunshine all day so the solar affect and rising temps should help soften up the slopes by the afternoon, chase the sunny aspects for the best skiing and riding. Winds will decrease to a mild breeze in the afternoon. Temps are predicted to level out in the next 24 hours with snow showers likely to fall tomorrow. The bluebird views are spectacular,  which reminds us that no matter what, a day on the mountain is a day well spent! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Sunday 3/12 Forecast

1pm Update: The mountain is full of tasty turns today.  Whether you are on or off-piste conditions are feeling groovy and fast.  Theres plenty of time left today to make it out for some fun.  With sun breaks and your favorite views of the valley below why not spend the afternoon on the mountain? Let’s Ride! -Matt

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Saturday 3/11 Forecast

The weekend is back and so is the chance for more snow! We have 2"-4" inches forecast today to add to the 14" we recieved during the middle of the week. Temps remained warm mid-mountain to the Base Area last night with just below freezing temps on top of the Ridge. Look for some vairibility in the frimness or softness of groomed runs and off-piste terrain from the top to the bottom this morning. See you on the hill, -Tony

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Friday 3/10 Forecast

After yesterday’s epic powder day the sun has decided to show up and shine on the party that is March Madness! We’ve received another 4” of new snow overnight, making a total of 14” in the last 48 hours. Strong winds at the summit and warm temps have affected the integrity of the snow, so be mindful of variable surface conditions. The snow has a denser consistency than our typically dry and fluffy pow and a thin grainy top crust layer exist at lower altitudes. Groomers are fast and firm today and soften up as you descend toward the base area. Due to strong winds today we will be operating Chair 4 instead of Chair 2 and expect balmy temps to continue throughout the day.  All in all, a day on the slopes is always a day well spent! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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