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Weather Updates

Weather Updates


Monday 2/20 Forecast

1:35pm Update: We now have all Chairs in Operation. We have picked up a total of 3" of new snow today for a total of 4" since 4pm yesterday. Morning Report: Happy Presidents Day!  Honoring our first President of the United States I’ve got three things you probably didn’t know about George Washington, he is the highest ranking US Official of all time, he has no middle name, and he owned a whiskey distillery.  Bonus fact, apparently that was his real hair, not a wig.  We received 1 inch of snow over night, 4 inches in the last 48 hours, with weather forecasting fresh snowfall all day long!  Expect those tight corduroys you’ve grown to love, perfect temperatures, and quite possibly mini-free refills throughout the day.  Remember we are open all week for midwinter break.  This weekend is the final night ski and Mountain Music Series concert so make plans now.  Also, check out this weekend's 100Laps competition Durak!  See our website for event details!   Let's Ride! -Matt Snow showers before 10pm, then snow likely after 1am. Steady temperature around 27. Breezy, with a west wind 15 to 20 mph decreasing to 9 to 14 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

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Sunday 2/19 Forecast

10:45am Update: Parking spots are beginning to open up in the Main lots at the mountain. Chair 1 is on mechanical hold. Chairs 2, 3, 4 and both Rope Tows in operation. Conditions are looking good for today!  With a trace of snow overnight, 3 inches in the last 48 hours, and more snow in the forecast, Winter is reminding us we aren’t done yet.  This epic season just keeps going and that’s the way we like it!  Temps will be pleasant today, not too cold not too warm, just right.  Hit the early corduroy while it's so fresh and so clean clean and explore a mountain full of terrain.  Off-Piste areas are variable with multiple conditions so enjoy but stay alert.  A reminder we are operating all week long for midwinter break, so get your skis shined up and grab a seat at Mission Ridge. Let's Ride! -Matt

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Saturday 2/18 Forecast

9:00am Update: We have picked up another 1" of new snow for a total of 2" overnight (from 4pm yesterday to 9am today). And now it is time to get out there! See you on the hill! -Tony | The weekend is here and brings with it fresh snow and a ton of fun up on the mountain. We picked up 1" of new snow and it is snowing lightly this morning. A return to winter will have conditions continually improving throughout weekend with some fun groomed runs this morning and some pow turns by Monday. Don't forget we have night skiing tonight from 4pm-8pm on Chair 4 and the Mountain Music Series goes down with The Prefunk kicking things off at 6:30pm.  

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Friday 2/17 Forecast

Today is a new day and we are excited to get out on the mountain. We should see some sun and fun today with light winds and comfy temps. Look for firm conditions across the mountain this morning as we saw cooler temps overnight. Hit up the AM groomed runs first thing for the best corduroy cruising today. And remember, we are open 7 days a week through February 27th for your mid-winter skiing and riding pleasure. See you on the hill, -Tony

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Thursday Forecast and Conditions Update

8:30am Update The temps have maintained, the precip has stopped, the winds have calmed and I am about to get out on the mountain. We are still expecting firm conditions at the Summit to soften by the time you get to Midway. There is limited grooming today but things are really looking a lot better than they were just a couple hours ago. I am excited to get on the hill and see what we've got! Consistent warm overnight temps and continued precip (rain) on the lower two thirds of the mountain have most surfaces soft and wet. The top third of the mountain is seeing snow this morning and firm to hard surfaces as temperatures have hovered just below freezing. Conditions today will definitely be variable and will range from soft, saturated, spring-like snow to hard surfaces higher up on the mountain. There will also be limited grooming today due to the warm temps and overnight rain. As the sun comes up we will have a much better idea of how things are looking and will continue to update as conditions evolve.  Even in the best seasons you see days that stand out as unique and this looks to be one of them. See you on the hill, -Tony

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Thursday Outlook

I just have to say it. We got hit by a mid-week moist maker of a storm. Warm temps and rain over the course of the day have created wet snow conditions across the mountain. Cooling temps tonight could create some rather interesting surfaces in the morning. We are here to give it to you straight...but unfortunately we won’t know what tomorrow looks like until we get to the morning. What the temps and precip do over the course of the next 12-15 hours will shape the outlook for tomorrow. Will we have spring-like (west side) conditions or very firm (world cup) conditions? As difficult as it is, I have to say hang in there and stay tuned... On a happier note, we have seen more snow already this season than we do during the entirety of an average year (as in it has been an epic season). We are extremely well set up to "weather the storm" and get out there and enjoy skiing and riding. Like I always say...The choice to ski or ride is certainly better than no choice at all! See you on the hill, -Tony

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Sunday 2/12 Forecast

Come fill your lungs with some fresh mountain air on this glorious Sunday morning! Those spring feels are in the air, temps are mild and forecast to reach a balmy 33degrees by 1pm! The breeze is calm, and  high clouds and sunshine are providing great visibilty and show casing some spectacular views of the valley and peaks. Surface conditions are firm and fast on the groomers and are beginning to soften in some places due to the warm temps. Off-piste action is variable, crispy and crunchy in most places, so easy style it out there and ride safe. Come join me as I head back out to enjoy a day on the slopes! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Saturday 2/11 Forecast

Make the most of our epic playground and make your Sunday a fun day on the slopes! The breeze is calm, the sun will be hangin’ out between moderate cloud cover, and temps will increase to a balmy 32 deg by midday! Surface conditions will be firm and fast on the groomers, so roll those edges over and enjoy the ride!  Off-piste action is variable due to the thaw-freeze affect that is creating a crust top layer, so easy style it out there and ride smart. And remember, it’s always a better day on the mountain! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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Friday 2/10 Forecast

1:00pm Update: We have All Chairs in operation. 10:20am Update: We are currently running Chairs2, 3, and 4 as well as the Pika Peak and Libtech 100LAPS Rope Tows. Chair 1 is on temporary mechanical hold.  Yesterday’s warm temps dropped  overnight, making the groomers firm and fast. A light snow shower this morning has dusted the slopes in some places making for some softer sliding. Good news, more snow is rolling in and forecast to increase throughout the day,  tapering off around 4pm.The summit is breezy and cloudy with  the sun peeking through patches at midway.  Off-piste conditions are hard pack with a crust layer on top. Not our usual soft, fluffy snow, but a day in the mountains is always better than a day in the valley! And, don’t forget we are bringing the mountain to town tonight  for an epic evening of urban action at the Rails and Ales event on Orondo Avenue! See you out there, -Skier Amy

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